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With over 35 years of experience in church leadership and in ministry to children and parents, Pat Conner has impacted the lives of thousands of families. She has a deep wealth of knowledge to share. Prior to retirement from full-time ministry in 2017, Pat served as Director of Children’s Ministry in two of the Houston area’s largest churches, and now finds her ministry expanding in exciting ways.

Pat has an unwavering passion for the church and for the hearts of children of all backgrounds; and God has opened the doors for Pat to serve as a church consultant, as well as ministry coach, writer, and speaker. In these troubled times, Pat still believes the church in America can be a very tangible vehicle to impact young lives when ministry is carried out with excellence.  “I want parents to know God has purposefully chosen them to be the parents of their children. He will give them what they need. We live in an uncertain and sometimes scary world where parents, now more than ever, want to give their kids a firm foundation so their children can be all they were created to be.”

Pat aims to continue to impact young lives as she consults with churches of all sizes across the country and through interpersonal contact with parents who are in the day-to-day trenches of raising children.  She believes that sharing our experiences and using the fibers of community and truth can encourage and empower people to raise children that impact both their own and future generations.

Pat currently lives in Georgetown, TX, with “the nicest man in the world” — her husband of 45 years, Larry. Together, Pat and Larry raised to adulthood three uniquely different children. She now counts her children as close friends and loves being “Nana” to her eight grandchildren.



I believe Pat Conner is one of the finest church consultants in America. She was our Children’s Minister at Sugar Creek for 14 years.  She led with skill, heart, wisdom and Christ-likeness.  She is such an amazing leader that Sugar Creek elevated her position to a senior leadership role overseeing additional divisions.  She understands how to operate all facets of ministry with excellence and character.  She is a master at communicating those principles to others.” – Mark Hartman, Lead Pastor, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Sugar Land, Texas

“I cannot overstate the impact Pat Conner has made on my life and ministry. Her wisdom has shaped me as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher and leader. For the 20 years I have known her friendship, my prayer has been to follow her as she follows Christ. Her voice and example are gifts to the church.” – Jen Wilkin, Author, Bible Teacher, and Director of Classes and Curriculum, The Village Church

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Pat Conner as a professional church consultant. I have found her to be a woman of great character and ability. She is completely knowledgeable in every aspect of children’s ministry and is undoubtedly the best of the best. Pat knows what it takes to build a well trained team of leaders and to design a very effective program of ministry. It is also to be noted that she has extensive experience working with both mega churches and churches under 1000. If you need help with any aspect of your ministry, call “Miss Pat”. – Bishop Randy Clark, Triumph Churches

“Pat brings a wealth of ministry experience and practical insight in the area of children’s and family ministries. What sets Pat above the rest is that she is real, honest and authentic. This gives her the uncanny ability to see a situation through a different lens to suggest a simple tweak or “outside the box” idea to take any ministry to the next level. I honestly could not recommend someone more highly than Pat!” – Wes Holloman, Associate Pastor, Sagemont Church – Houston, Texas

“The influence Pat Conner had over me as I raised my daughters was a great blessing. She made me both a better mother and educator. As my children grew, they were both inspired to serve for Pat in children’s ministry. Due to those experiences, my youngest daughter is pursuing a career with children. The wisdom, heart and experiences of Pat Conner combine to create in her a powerful leader, mentor and teacher.” – Tammy McIlvoy, Head of School, Logos Preparatory Academy, Sugar Land, Texas

“Pat was recently the speaker for our ladies’ retreat. Our church could not have been more blessed by the way she lovingly challenged us to see the faithfulness and goodness of God. We had women of ages 18-80 present, and she was able to bridge the gap and reach all of our hearts. She truly brought us to laughter and tears as we connected with Jesus.” – Pam Moorhead, Owner of Health and Soul Fitness, Round Rock, Texas

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  1. This is a awesome women of GOD, do not be filled by her innocent looks. She has the heart of a stone.


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