Sometimes fresh eyes and a different perspective make all the difference. A certified church consultant, Pat is trained to help churches be all they can be. If your church or ministry could benefit from a partnership with an experienced consultant, contact Pat. Consultation and pricing are planned based on the specific needs and resources of the individual church.



Almost anyone getting started or making a transition in ministry can use help. Pat enjoys coming alongside other ministers and leaders, helping them to work through challenges as they develop their own personal strengths. Coaching may be planned as an ongoing relationship or simply as a meeting or phone call to strategize dealing with a potential obstacle. Contact Pat if you or someone you know could benefit from her wisdom, experience, and her challenging encouragement.


Speaking and Training

Inspiration, focus, information, and challenge–does your group need these? Pat has wide experience speaking to women’s groups and training ministry teams. With a deep love for God’s Word and lots of laughter, Pat always stirs the hearts of her listeners. For more information or to discuss availability, contact Pat.

For Parents Only

There is no question that parenting can feel overwhelming. Every parent has moments of wondering what to do. If you would like to discuss a need or situation concerning your child with an experienced person, ask Ms. Pat! She may not know the answer, but she will care and can often suggest resources for you. There is no charge–you have nothing to lose by asking! Contact Pat.

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